Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 01/15/17

thumbs-up2Have a great week end everyone!


2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 01/15/17

  1. Sorry Diane for the delay.

    Well, among birds there is this particular bird known as the ‘superb lyrebird’ which is actually an Australian songbird.
    It gets the name from the spectacular tail of fanned feathers. Though its body is short, its tail is quite long and flowy. One point to be noted here is that in addition to its singing, (which it does throughout the year) is also a superb mimic.
    They have an amazing ability to imitate almost any sound that they hear. Along with their own calls, clicks and songs, you will usually hear them mimicking loud clear sounds made by other birds and mammals including humans. They have been known to mimic the sound of laser guns, camera shutters, horns, crying babies and even trains !!!
    Anyway these birds are not trying to fool other creatures while doing this work, neither are they craving for attention but just warning other lyrebirds to stay away from their territory.


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