Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 01/29/17

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4 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 01/29/17

  1. For humans, building a dam does not an easy task at all, though engineers and architects are involved in this work. But, there is an animal who too carries on this without any qualification in engineering and architecture and still is a good architect and it is none other than the Beaver. Though its dam is definitely different from that of humans, it is worth the effort !!!
    Beavers are large rodents and hard working creatures who build dams across shallow streams to create a pond. To construct a dam, they will cut down trees by gnawing through the trunk with their front teeth and will gather sticks and mud for building materials. You see, the beaver’s front teeth never stops growing and this constant gnawing on wood helps to keep their teeth from growing too long.
    During winter, beavers don’t have to worry about their food and safety as the pond behind the dam will provide the food and protects them from predators.
    Beavers also build canals to transport building materials. As for their shelter, they stay in lodges build by them within the dams. All these structures are constantly being added to and maintained !!!
    The largest beaver dam is believed to be in Canada and is 850 metres long. Beavers may have taken at least 25 years to build it.

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