Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 2/5/17

woman-with-a-cold-cartoonSorry for the late post Sangeetha, have been swamped this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 2/5/17

  1. In this post I am writing about the Arctic fox of Alaska and Diane, you may be knowing more about it and do share it.

    The Arctic fox which resides in Alaska is of course a carnivore and feeds on lemmings and small game. But, it has got some creativity too, what I mean they are able to cultivate gardens too !!!
    This fox stays in an underground den and it deposits nutrients, defaecation, urine and the leftovers of its killings. The end result is lush green grass, diamondleaf willows and yellow wildflowers. All these bring colour in a grey landscape.

    I would like to share little information about another animal which resides in Africa.
    Now, we all know the colour of giraffes, but did you that they can be white too?
    Well, scientist had spotted a white Masai giraffe calf in Tarangire zoo in Tanzania, Africa. It is named ‘Omo’ by a local guide after a local detergent. The fact is that Omo has a genetic condition known as leucism where the skin does not produce any pigmentation but only soft tissues.


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