Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 2/19/17

blog-post-pic1Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 2/19/17

We are well represented here world-wide, here is a snippet of our stats for today:



2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 2/19/17

  1. The film ‘Titanic’ was a great hit and I am sure that no one would have missed it. But, did you know that much before the incident took place, in 1898, there was a British author named Morgan Robertson who wrote a book called ‘Futility’ about a ship called ‘Titan’. In his book, the Titan was an unsinkable ship that hit an iceberg, and sank on its maiden voyage just like the real ‘Titanic’.
    Another similarity was that two-thirds of the passengers perished because the ship did not have enough life-boats!!!
    It was though that Robertson had a sixth sense of the disaster that was to happen in the years to come.
    But, unfortunately, his book was not published as the publishers felt that it was not credible. Very unfortunate indeed !


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