A musical Medley from Beauty and the Beast

Lindsey Stirling, violinist extraordinaire, plays a medley from Beauty and the Beast….enjoy!

Kenji Williams at Cal Tech

Please check out Kenji Williams’ website and an interview Joy Judy Jones did with him on her ON THE ROAD WITH JUDY talk radio show!

Here’s the link to her show site interview with him: http://www.ontheroadwithjudy.com/kenjibyjudyjones.html





She saw him in a live performance in Oakland, CA and says “He is so gifted! Kenji Williams is a Brilliant Visionary Musician/Artist/Producer 200 years ahead of his time”!
His Bella Gaia will be performed on: Saturday April 15th, 2017 at Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium, Pasadena, CA.
For more info, check out:  http://www.bellagaia.com/

Here kitty kitty

I am surrounded by cats, I have always loved them and they have always kept me sane (in as much as I can say I am sane!). Here is the 411 on the Cat as your animal totem.



“Domestic felines are all about communication and their messages almost always have to do with your ability to communicate with those around you or with the spirit and astral realms. The mystery of the cat and its secretive ways has always been intriguing. Many believe that these slinky creatures are in constant communication with the spirit world and are the bridge between the realm of the unseen and the seen. Most certainly when the cat comes into your life – someone or something is trying to tell you something. Listen carefully! Trust your intuition.


Alternatively, this feline can also be letting you know that you have the power and magic to create anything you want out of your life right now. All you need to do is believe in yourself and trust that you have all the tools and skills necessary to accomplish what you desire in life. Don’t hesitate! The time to focus on your dreams is NOW!



People with Cat as their totem are always extremely psychic and creative people. Often they are independent, unpredictable and more often than not highly astute in all situations. There is always a sense of mystery that surrounds them. They are also highly selective in choosing their friends and will rarely cave to peer pressure. They choose their own way in life but have to be careful not to become too reclusive.”

Source: Spirit Animal Totems website at http://www.spirit-animals.com/cat/

Join our Blog Jog Day!

I’ve noticed that our membership has dropped off sharply in the last few days, which made me remember a fun membership drive that I participated in a few years back.



It’s called “The Blog Jog” and it works like this: email your blog’s website address to me at rosefirewalker@aol.com. I’ll make a master list of all our blogs and post them on a thread for our Blog Jog day. By signing up to be on this list you will agree to visit each blog on Blog Jog Day and leave a short greeting on each blog.



It’s fun and it doesn’t take that much time. We’ll get a chance to see a lot of new and interesting writing from the other members here, and we’ll also get an intense amount of traffic to our own blogs.

You don’t have to subscribe to any of the blogs if you don’t want to, but you will be exposed to new authors, writers, and fellow networkers. It’ll be a blast and it’s only for the one day. Try it, try it, I say!!