Sangeetha’s Amazing Natural Facts 03/04/2017

peopleoftheworldYou brighten my world!


One thought on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Natural Facts 03/04/2017

  1. You must have heard about many islands which exist today, but have you ever heard about the ‘Aurora islands’ ? Even if you have heard about them, unfortunately you are unlikely to see them as they have,vanished from the Earth.
    The story begins in the 18th century, when the captain of a ship, sailing in the South Atlantic waters, saw three small islands, called the Aurora islands, after the name of the first ship. They soon became a common landmark for the Spanish ships that routinely went to South America and then suddenly, the islands disappeared !
    As you know, most islands are produced through volcanic activity, they can appear and disappear just as quickly over time. Other islands which have disappeared, are Isla Grande which lay just to north of Aurora islands and other islands called Davis’ land.
    In addition to all these, there is even an island named the Isle of Brasil, which keeps appearing off and on near the coast of Ireland.


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