Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts 03/12/17

One more week until Spring! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts 03/12/17

  1. Among the many fishes in the deep sea, there is an amazing fish known as the ‘hagfish’.
    This fish is long, eel like, has a cranium but no spinal cord.

    There are about 80 species of this fish world wide. They can throw out at the rate of four cups in a fraction of a second. The slime consists of mucous and thin fibers which can clog the gills of any predators which includes even sharks, who dare to eat it.
    One interesting feature to be noted here is that it is able to squeeze itself into a narrow hole, which is about half of the width of its body. This is because its skin is very loosely attached to its body which means that its body can hold large volumes of blood.
    Frankly speaking, it is very distressing to see innocent animals trapped by their predators or even humans, and there is no chance running to safety. The same goes for humans when some of them falls into the hands of criminals and they can only cry out for help, when all their efforts to escape fail. But, the hagfish is a million times more lucky in this respect. This is because when all this fish is caught by a predator, it can wriggle itself out of their grasp. Not by pushing or shaking itself free but by tying itself into a knot! As mentioned before, this fish does not have a spine but a skeletal rod that gives this amazing flexibility. Apart from this, when it gets stuck in its own slime, this act of tying into a knot helps it to escape. It also sneezes when its nostril gets clogged with slime.
    Its heart can beat without oxygen for hours. It is said that possibly fats are the substitute for oxygen.
    This fish is the first one to scavenge any dead caracass that falls into the sea. If it buries itself deep into it, then it is in a state of doom as there is no way out unless it digests the whole food. The act of tying itself into a knot does not work here.

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