My guiding star

Lodestar is a noun meaning: someone or something that serves as a guiding principle, model, inspiration, ambition, etc.



ETYMOLOGY: From Old English lad (way) + star. A lodestar is called so because it’s used in navigation, it shows the way. Earliest documented use: 1374


“He was her rock, the lodestar on which she could focus.” Laura Benedict; Bliss House; Pegasus Books; 2014.

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4 thoughts on “My guiding star

  1. I love these little Word for the Day snippets. The only words I knew, prior to this, were “lodestone” and “Loadstar”. The former, I always gathered a nebulous understanding from context–never quite getting why they had anything to do with magnets–whereas, the latter is a brand name for some gadget or another (DuckDuckGo tells me that I remember the computer magazine! LOL)



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