Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/2/17

Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/2/17

welcome to the curious and the carefree……….


2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/2/17

  1. You know, that we are living is simply full of treasures.
    Well, deep under the Gabon rainforest in West Central Africa, there are the Abanda caves which are home to 100,000 bats of different species. Apart from these, snakes, insects, shrimps etc can be found. But, the most interesting and a little frightening aspect is yet to come.
    In 2010, a group of scientists went on an expedition to these caves. When one researcher was on his exploration, hr suddenly saw two pairs of eyes staring at them. He then realised that he had come face to face with a crocodile!! But luckily the animal when on its way down a tunnel without attacking.
    It is said that can crocodiles living in caves is not a new aspects, but the strange thing was that the crocodiles living in these caves are orange in colour!!
    These crocodiles feed on bats and other small creatures and the older dark orange coloured male crocodiles will turn paler and will have a bright orange share. It is said that they reside in these caves during the dry season and will come out during the wet season to breed.


    1. Sangeetha, Nature has an abundance of surprises for us, and every week you bring us new and amazing aspects of the natural world that is full of wonder. Never imagined an orange alligator, but there it is! Thanks again for another edifying and endearing glimpse of Nature.


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