Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/8/17

Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/9/17

I’m know I’m posting this early but I’m going to the theatre tonight and don’t want to be late!

Will let you know absolutely all the details tomorrow. Hugs, DI


2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/8/17

  1. As I had mentioned last week that the world is full of treasures, it also has mysteries.
    One of these mysteries are giant geometric figures and animal forms. These are found in a wide desert plain known as the Pampa de San José in Southern Peru. Apart from triangles, spirals and circles, eleven animal forms including a hummingbird, monkey, pelican, condor, spider, whale etc can be seen. Some of the straight lines run for a few miles while the largest formations are more than 200m in diameter.
    Modern researchers believe that these works were made by Nazca civilisation that thrived in the area between 200 BC and 600 AD. But, then everyone have their own views. However, the most recent theories say that the Lines were associated in some way with sources of water in the desert.
    Whatever it is, Nazca lines continue to be a mystery. History has its secrets but the lines will remain for millennia.

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