Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/23/17

Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/23/17


3 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 4/23/17

  1. Can you ever think of preservation fruits and vegetables in any place other than the refrigerator? The answer is a big No for almost all of us but not necessarily for everyone.
    Well, there is a remote valley known as ‘Niigata Prefecture’, north of Osaka. This place is quite inaccessible due to heavy blizzards, and in winter it is very much covered with snow that residents build entrances on their second storey (as the snow can reach till there) so that they can just come out and walk over it.
    Anyway, these are the people who can preserve vegetables etc without the use of a refrigerator. Wondering how? By just burying it under the snow!! Actually, fruits and vegetables like carrots, Fuji apples etc are placed in boxes or cartons and placed under the snow or they are kept in a snow storehouse. Snow provides the optimum temperature and humidity for preserving these fruits and vegetables making them more crispier and sweeter. The vegetables are boiled in soups or stews or even eaten with local delicacies like the wild boar.
    However, the famous snow food is ‘Kanzuri’ which is a kind of paste used to enhance the flavour of soups, used as a dip for skewer chicken or even used as an aromatic addition to oysters etc.
    The main ingredient of Kanzuri is Togorashi red chilli pepper. These peppers are pickled in salt and then they are thrown into the snow for the snow bleaching process known as ‘Yukisarashi’. These peppers are left in the snow for 3-4 days to remove any bitterness and any heat from the peppers. They are then blended with koji ( a rice mould) and the peel of yuzu (a citrus fruit), and are then stored and preserved for 3-4 years. But, the end result is a yummy, yummy paste!!!


  2. There is a little error in the post.
    Niigata Prefecture is inaccessible during the winter due to heavy blizzards and the winter which the residents have however adapted to.
    The fruits and vegetables are packed in plastic bags not cartons. I made a mistake regarding this aspect. Apart from plastic bags and cartons, they are also kept in snow filled store houses.


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