Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 5/14/17

I say Watson, what is Sangeetha up to this weekend?


Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 5/14/17


2 thoughts on “Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 5/14/17

  1. Have you ever heard of ‘eider ducks? Well, these birds arrive in Svalbard islands near Norway every spring and are lucky enough to enjoy the warmest and cosiest nests of any birds because they are lined with a layer of feathers provided by the female. So, these feathers also keep the eggs and ducklings warm in temperatures far below freezing.
    They feed on crabs and other sea shore animals. But, did you know that their feathers were used for stuffing pillows etc. Today, artificial fibres have replaced feathers, so the ducks are left to nest undisturbed.


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