Don’t be fooled by an old fool…

Solar power is big business!

In an article from PV TECH, I read that “The route to decarbonisation in the energy sector will create benefits of US$10 trillion every year by 2050, while requiring only US$1.8 trillion to implement, according to a new joint report from the International Energy Agency (IAE) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).




In their first ever collaboration, IEA and IRENA found that a total of 6 million jobs would be created, even when accounting for jobs lost in other industries.



Further jobs will also be created in the energy efficiency sector. The report stressed that efforts on the transition need to be stepped up urgently to stay in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement.



IRENA director-general Adnan Z. Amin, said: “Critically, the economic case for the energy transition has never been stronger. Today around the world, new renewable power plants are being built that will generate electricity for less cost than fossil-fuel power plants. And through 2050, the decarbonisation can fuel sustainable economic growth and create more new jobs in renewables.”


Bees Feed Us All!

bee-pollinating1Bees Facing Extinction and what it means to you…..

Bees pollinate most of the food we eat, so without bees, we will be in danger of starving. The prestigious publication, Reuters News Service, has plenty of well written articles on the scientific findings supporting the bee die off.


bee-pollinating2You can find an article on the Bee Die Off at




bee-pollinating3Bee happy, Bee healthy, protect our bees by using alternative means of protecting your flowers and food from pests. Stop using insecticide!


British Petroleum buys jet fuel made from Garbage

bp-logo1“BP Plc (British Petroleum Public Limited Company) will invest $30 million in Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc., which makes biofuel from garbage, in a new partnership designed to curb airplane pollution. The London-based oil-producer also signed a 10-year deal to buy 500 million gallons (1.9 billion liters) of biofuel from Fulcrum’s North American plants, according to a statement by BP on Tuesday. BP will distribute the aviation fuel to planes through its unit Air BP Ltd., which sells about 7 billion gallons of aviation fuel annually.

airplane1Airlines facing pressure to clean up their pollution last month brokered a landmark deal in Montreal. Their accord created a global system that requires them to fund environmental initiatives from 2020 that may cost as much as $24 billion annually by 2035.” By Jessica Shankleman, Bloomberg, November 2016


If you think signing a petition doesn’t matter, think again!

thumbs-upI receive information about environmental news from a great website called Daily Kos, here’s an email I recently received about a petition I signed regarding fracking:

Diane, Great news. You recently signed a petition to the EPA to retract their draft report’s conclusion that fracking was safe.



petition-against-frackingThis petition was part of a coalition effort with many other organizations, and nearly 110,000 people signed on. And the EPA listened. In its just-released final report, the EPA deleted the conclusion that fracking doesn’t have “widespread, systemic impacts” on drinking water. And instead its final report states that fracking can cause water contamination. This is a win for those of us fighting fracking, and for the many people who’ve suffered from water contamination due to fracking. And it’s a loss for the oil and gas industry, which has used the EPA’s draft report to claim that fracking is safe.


thumbs-up2Thank you for taking action. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if your petition signature will have an impact. But Daily Kos petitions are often part of larger campaigns, and they help make change happen. Our voices, together, can win campaigns. Thank you for adding your name and joining this fight, and please keep fighting. That will involve signing petitions, protesting in the streets, calling your elected officials, and/or whatever else your activism looks like. We’ll need all of it in the years ahead.

Thank you for all that you do, Mara Schechter, Daily Kos

I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas#1!!

merry-christmas-sign1There are lots of ways to enjoy the holidays without leaving a negative impact on our fragile environment. Here are ten fun tips on Greening your Christmas this year:



Buy a livchristmas-2013-2e tree that you can decorate this year, and then plant in your backyard with your kids, and watch it grow as they grow! We have a Norfolk Pine and another two pine trees in our yard that were originally Christmas trees. Each tree lasts about three years in its pot, so you can use it over and over again before planting it. Donate your live tree to an organization in your community that’s dedicated to planting trees, like the Arbor Day Society or the Boy/Girl Scouts.


christmas-tree-12-25-11Tip: If you do buy a cut tree, remember, the city can’t recycle them into compost if they have: flocking, tinsel “icicles” or Christmas ornaments still attached to them. Remove all decorations and get them on the curb in time to be recycled by your local waste department after Christmas.



baskets1Send your gifts in festively decorated baskets that can be wrapped in colored cellophane. This will save buying a mountain of wrapping paper that will become trash in an instant. The baskets can be reused again for gifts the next year!




xmas-cards-2007If you save Christmas cards like I do, you may not want to throw them away, and can’t figure out how to reuse them. Here’s a tip: you can tape them onto your gift boxes, creating colorful, original wrapped gifts, without using wrapping paper.



computerHave fun with the kids by using your computer’s printer/scanner/copier to make your own wrapping paper. Lay out your old Christmas cards in a fanciful arrangement and copy them, then use the sheets of homemade wrapping paper for the smaller gifts.


Add your own green Christmas tips here!

Alternative pest control

bee on a golden flowerAlternative pest control uses landscaping that attracts beneficial insects and eco-friendly pest control products.


lupine- multicoloredTo protect our diminishing bee populations, offer them these pesticide free flowers as food and a safe haven:

Lupine, Huckleberry, Joe Pye Weed, Oregon Grape, Penstemon,


coneflower-multicoloredConeflower, Rabbitbush and Rhododendron.

Bee an activist…Help Save our Bees!

bee on a flowerYou may have heard that the bee population is in trouble, they are dying off due to the use of poisonous pesticides, which threatens humans because bees play a major role in pollinating our food sources.

Here’s how you can help!

black eyed susansPlant these flowers in your garden with organic seeds, they provide food and a place to reside for the local bees while they pollinate your plants: Black-Eyed Susan, Aster, Blazing Star,


currant plantCurrant, Calstrop, Creosote Bushes,  Elder Flower and Goldenrod.