Light Through Shuttered Window

Light Cov 3D“Light Through Shuttered Window: A compendium of my poetry” offers you 76 original poems about life, love, and the pursuit of creative endeavor, plus a few other surprises, like a selection of my original song lyrics. I hope you find inspiration and beauty within its pages.


“This poetry book is dynamic. My daughter loves poetry and I can’t wait to share many of the poems and songs with her. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words of wisdom and experience!”

Anna Campbell, Sales at Round House Candles


“I’ve always said that open verse is the easiest poetry to write and among the most difficult to master.  In “Light Through Shuttered Window,” Diane Tegarden proved she has mastered this art form. For reader convenience, she has grouped her poetry into themes, from “Elementals” to “Debts of Pain” and “Love’s Banquet.”  In this way, one may contemplate the subject matter without the change of gears many collections take.

Diane is adept at setting scenes.  In “Nightfall,” “the children yawn, hand over mouth.  The adults, tired and ready to snug down deep in the comfort of darkness.”  In “Actor Without Make Up,” “the actor sits upon a stage alone, invited to the party, but didn’t want to go.”  The sun, in the title poem, “hangs outside the window of one’s life, fiercely gleaming through the partially-closed slats, showing only one vibrant slice of one ray at a time.”  This continues throughout the book.

I highly recommend “Light Through Shuttered Window” to any who enjoy poetry or a meaningful book with which to snuggle on a rainy night.”-                Jack Huber, poet and author

Enjoy this lively compendium of original poetry and songs for $4.95, now available at Barnes and Noble.

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