My guiding star

Lodestar is a noun meaning: someone or something that serves as a guiding principle, model, inspiration, ambition, etc.



ETYMOLOGY: From Old English lad (way) + star. A lodestar is called so because it’s used in navigation, it shows the way. Earliest documented use: 1374


“He was her rock, the lodestar on which she could focus.” Laura Benedict; Bliss House; Pegasus Books; 2014.

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Look into the sky….it’s an umbra!

BOO…it’s an Umbra!
It’s always amazing to me to see the variety of definitions a word may have!

um•bra (noun) , pl. -bras, -brae (-brē).
1. shade; shadow.
2. the usual accompaniment or companion of a person or thing.

Umbra3. Astronomy
a. the complete or perfect shadow of an opaque body, as a planet, where the direct light from the source of illumination is completely cut off.
b. the dark central portion of a sunspot.

4. a phantom or ghost.
[1590–1600; < Latin: shade, shadow]


31 Days of Notable Women-Hypatia of Alexandria- mathematician supreme

Hypatia of Alexandria was a Greek scholar from Alexandria in Egypt, considered the first notable woman in mathematics, who also taught philosophy and astronomy. She lived in Roman Egypt, and was killed by a Coptic Christian mob who blamed her for religious turmoil. She has been hailed as a “valiant defender of science against religion”, and some suggest that her murder marked the end of the Hellenistic Age.