Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 5/7/17

Sangeetha’s Amazing Facts for 5/7/17

Sangeetha has been away from the keyboard, but should be returning shortly. Let’s all send her some good energy, so she can share more fascinating facts about our wonderful world!

Good News about Sweden’s Electric Buses

sunburst-exIn a recent issue of Renewable Energy Magazine, I found some interesting news on Volvo’s electric buses that are being introduced in Sweden.


Swedish flag“The vehicle manufacturer Volvo has presented a short film, called Route 55 to promote its emissions-free electric buses, to be used shortly on a new bus route in Gothenburg, Sweden. The electric bus is noiseless and emission-free, running on 100 percent renewable electricity. It will operate the new ‘Electric Bus Route 55’, from Chalmers Johanneberg to Lindholmen in Gothenburg, the latter destination being the site of Sweden’s first indoor bus stop.

The electric busproject is in line with the city’s objective of becoming a climate-neutral city by increasing sustainable travel and includes the creation and trial runs of new bus-stop solutions, traffic-routing systems, safety concepts, energy supply and business models.”