Wind Energy Replaces Diesel Plant!

Block Island Wind Farm

This May, the 2,000 residents of Block Island, Rhode Island are making a fresh start when it comes to powering their lives. As of May 1, Block Island is the first location in the U.S. to be powered by an offshore wind farm — a wind farm that has eliminated the need for a diesel plant that was burning about one million gallons of dirty diesel fuel annually. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), diesel produces more carbon emissions than every other fossil fuel except for fuel oil.


The Block Island Wind Farm is intended to bring significant change, and not just on Block Island. The project was designed to serve as an example of the tremendous potential that offshore wind power holds for the United States. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has created a wind resource assessment and characterization study, which depicts this potential.- Excerpt from an article by Karla Lant


Offshore Wind gets the Green Light

offshore-wind-power012617-1“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pursuing the state’s 50 percent renewable by 2030 goal with vigor. On Wednesday he announced that the 90-MW South Fork Wind Farm, which will be located 30 miles southwest of the popular summer vacation spot, Montauk, and therefore invisible to beachgoers, is now approved by the board of trustees of the Long Island Power Authority. The approval comes just two weeks after Cuomo announced an unprecedented commitment to develop 2.4 GW of offshore wind power by 2030.”


Massachusetts adopts bill for massive wind and hydropower projects

Massachusetts flag“The comprehensive energy bill adopted this week by the Massachusetts legislature includes a provision requiring the state’s utilities to enter into long-term contracts to purchase both offshore wind and hydropower by 2027.


offshore_wind_energy in Virginia 2015In addition to the 1,600 MW mandate for offshore wind, utilities would have to purchase an additional 9.45 million MWh of power annually from new Class I resources and hydropower,” writes Jennifer Delony, Associate Editor of Renewable Energy World magazine.

This move toward clean energy will create jobs and help keep the environment livable.


The good news is Blowin’ in the Wind!

american flagHere’s a link to an article about the latest good news about wind power in the US:


offshore windA new design for gigantic wind turbine blades longer than two football fields could help to bring 50 MW offshore wind turbines to the US and the global wind sector. These gigantic wind turbine blades could bring 50 MW offshore wind turbines to the US! Great news, eh?

model for new wind turbine bladeThe design for a 50 metre blade is part of the pathway towards 200 metre exascale turbines planned under a programme funded by the Department of Energy (DoE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), an agency that is bringing together America’s best and brightest scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Good News About Offshore Wind Energy in Virginia (2015)

offshore_wind_energy in Virginia 2015The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has approved a plan to develop a grid-connected, 12 MW offshore wind test facility off the coast of Virginia.
“Developing our clean energy resources is an essential element of building a new Virginia economy” said Governor Terry McAuliffe. “With this research lease, Virginia is leading the way in building wind turbines in the Atlantic Ocean and taking the next step toward the clean energy economy we need to create jobs and lower energy costs now and into the future.

virginia-flagBOEM Director Abigail Ross Hopper added that the data collected under the research lease will help the BOEM, DMME and other government agencies to understand the wind potential, weather and other conditions relevant to offshore wind power generation off the Virginia coast. It will also be useful to other groups such as universities, environmental organizations and industry.

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Good News About Offshore Wind Development in Ireland

offshorewind1On November 12, 2014, Renewable Energy Magazine announced that “the government of the Isle of Man has selected DONG Energy as its preferred partner to develop a new offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea for delivery in 2023.

The proposed site of the wind farm is off the east coast of the Isle of Man within the 12-mile limit of the island’s territorial coastline. The agreement for lease would be in respect of the 700MW Project Option for delivery in 2023. The Isle of Man government estimates that leasing parts of the seabed for renewable energy generation will boost the island’s public funds by at least £5 million a year and create more than 50 new local jobs.”

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800,000 homes to be powered by the wind!

offshore windAccording to the Penn Energy newsletter dated April 30, 2014, the Siemens Company will install a second platform to grid connect offshore wind farms to homes in Germany.

“The BorWin2 transmission capacity of 800 megawatts (MW) is enough to meet the power demand of some 800,000 German households. On the platforms, the alternating current generated by the wind turbines is transformed into low-loss direct current for transmission to the mainland by using Siemens technology. The BorWin2 onshore converter station, likewise supplied to TenneT by Siemens, is located in Diele, Germany. There the electric power from the connected wind farms is converted back into the alternating current required to feed into the power grid.”

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