Wind Energy Replaces Diesel Plant!

Block Island Wind Farm

This May, the 2,000 residents of Block Island, Rhode Island are making a fresh start when it comes to powering their lives. As of May 1, Block Island is the first location in the U.S. to be powered by an offshore wind farm — a wind farm that has eliminated the need for a diesel plant that was burning about one million gallons of dirty diesel fuel annually. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), diesel produces more carbon emissions than every other fossil fuel except for fuel oil.


The Block Island Wind Farm is intended to bring significant change, and not just on Block Island. The project was designed to serve as an example of the tremendous potential that offshore wind power holds for the United States. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has created a wind resource assessment and characterization study, which depicts this potential.- Excerpt from an article by Karla Lant


Offshore Wind gets the Green Light

offshore-wind-power012617-1“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is pursuing the state’s 50 percent renewable by 2030 goal with vigor. On Wednesday he announced that the 90-MW South Fork Wind Farm, which will be located 30 miles southwest of the popular summer vacation spot, Montauk, and therefore invisible to beachgoers, is now approved by the board of trustees of the Long Island Power Authority. The approval comes just two weeks after Cuomo announced an unprecedented commitment to develop 2.4 GW of offshore wind power by 2030.”


The good news is Blowin’ in the Wind!

american flagHere’s a link to an article about the latest good news about wind power in the US:


offshore windA new design for gigantic wind turbine blades longer than two football fields could help to bring 50 MW offshore wind turbines to the US and the global wind sector. These gigantic wind turbine blades could bring 50 MW offshore wind turbines to the US! Great news, eh?

model for new wind turbine bladeThe design for a 50 metre blade is part of the pathway towards 200 metre exascale turbines planned under a programme funded by the Department of Energy (DoE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), an agency that is bringing together America’s best and brightest scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Wind Energy is Growing in the US

american flagAccording to Renewable Energy Magazine “A new report by the US Department of Energy (DOE) finds that advanced wind turbines could bring wind energy to every state in America. The Enabling Wind Power Nationwide report explains how new turbine designs are putting strong, consistent winds within reach. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz announced the report during a keynote speech at the WINDPOWER 2015 Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

wind farm-exam“Wind generation has more than tripled in the United States in just six years, exceeding 4.5 percent of total generation, and we are focused on expanding its clean power potential to every state in the country” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. “By producing the next generation of larger and more efficient wind turbines, we can create thousands of new jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as we fully unlock wind power as a critical national resource.”

huge wind turbinesThe report builds upon the DOE’s Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power report released in March, which shows how wind energy can become one of America’s top electricity sources with cost reductions for customers.”

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Good News about Wind Power and the Eiffel Tower

Nick Blitterswyk of UGE- head shotYears ago, when I hosted a Renewable Energy Talk Radio Show, I interviewed an up-and-coming wing energy group named UGE. Nick Blitterswyk explained how this new generation of wind turbine is safer for birds because their blades rotate in an egg beater motion, rather than the more conventional “pin wheel” style. In this way, they do not harm birds in flight.

UGE vert axis wind turbine2-examUGE has grown in leaps and bounds, and recently won a bid to power the Eiffel Tower in France. According to a recent UGE newsletter, “As part of a high-profile renovation and upgrade to the monument, the Eiffel Tower is now producing wind energy well above its second platform with two UGE turbines. This is a truly monumental project: Millions of visitors each year will see our turbines spinning when they visit the Paris landmark, returning home more familiar with distributed renewable energy technology.”

Click on the link to read more about UGE’s success:


Good News About……Wind Energy for Scotland

Scottish flagSwedish renewable energy company Vattenfall is to explore the benefits of developing a wind farm in Strathspey and Badenoch with the local community. Vattenfall will be starting its engagement process with local residents, communities and businesses with regard to a possible scheme six miles north of Grantown-on-Spey.


Mr Frank Pawind farm-examrk indicated that the company is hoping to encourage as many people, community groups and local businesses as possible to join company representatives at the information days to discuss any concerns they may have, as well as discussing how a wind farm can deliver the widest possible benefit from home-grown renewable energy.


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